Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture – PROGRAMME

At the end of the workshop, each participant will have an understanding of YNSA and acquire the basic skills to apply YNSA to a patient with acute or chronic pain or a neurological disease. This newly acquired skill should become part of the practitioner’s therapeutic tool box and stimulate the participant to expand his/her knowledge on the application of YNSA with other therapeutic modalities in other clinical settings.

Basic Course:

– introduction to YNSA

– basic points location and indications

– brain and sensory points location and indications

– elbow diagnosis

– how to aply YNSA in treating pain and  the Peripheral nervous system

– hand-on practice and demonstration.

Advanced Course

– How to apply YNSA to treating central nerve system disorders and treating internal organs and chanels.

– Ypsilon (internal organs) point location and indications

– Cranial nerve location and Indications.

– location and indication of the Yang points.

– abdemen and neck diagnosis.

– application of the Ypsilon and Cranial points

– extra Somototops, for musculoskeletal disorders (I, j, k, and vertebra somototop)

–  Extra YNSA points for symptomatic treatments.

– treatments and demonstrations.

The overall learning objective of the workshop is to teach the participant about the background of YNSA and how to use YNSA to treat patients with acute or chronic pain or a neurological disease such as:

Symptoms of neurological disturbances which stem from various diseases.
Conditions of various functional disturbances.
Chronic or acute pain (back pain, pain in the legs, hands, arms, neck etc).
Diseases which cause pain.
Difficulty in mobility and limitation in movement.
Sensation problems.
Acute allergy attacks.
Support of fertility and hormonal imbalance in women; gynecological disorders.
Psychological disorders, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD, HDHD, insomnia.

  1. The participant will learn what is YNSA
  2. The participant will learn what are the needling points of YNSA
  3. The participant will learn what are the diagnostic areas of YNSA and how to use them to select the correct needling point
  4. The student will learn how is YNSA applied to a patient with neurological disease and pain
  5. The student will learn how to apply YNSA to treat any energy imbalance in the body.
  6. The student will learn how to combine YNSA with any TCM treatment.

This is a hands-on workshop:

– We will first teach the theory and demonstrate the location of the needling points.
– The practitioners will then locate the needling points.
– We will demonstrate the treatment.
– The participants will practice the needling technique and dignoses of ache port.
– Q&A.

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