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Athens: new date will announce soon

dr-radhaCupping is a part of Acupuncture-related therapies. But one does not have to be an Acupuncturist or a Doctor in order to use this therapy for Cosmetic procedures.

Cupping can be used to drain fluid from different areas of the face, neck or other parts of the body. It is excellent in the treatment of swollen eyelids, swollen chin and heavy facial ‘jowls’, swollen neck and upper spine, causing a poor hunching posture of the person. Cupping is very effective in the treatment of Cellulite – the clients feel immediately better and lighter in the limbs and the appearance of cellulite disappears gradually. It is also very useful in the treatment of obesity, where the patients are slim in certain parts of the body and large in some other areas – Cupping will help to improve the metabolism in the areas, which stubbornly hold on to the fat.

Cupping is easy to learn and, once you know how, you can expertly treat these problems and make your clients happy.

Gua Sha massage is a treatment using special Gua Sha sticks made of Jade and Horn etc. it had been used in ancient China among the Emperors families and the rich landlords for preserving youthful looks. It is a non-invasive therapy, which is easy to master, and the clients love the effects!

This course, first-serve basis, will give you hands-on training how to create excellent results with just one session of treatment. So, take this once in a life time chance to join the Cosmetic Gua Sha course and improve your skills to make even better beauty treatments for your clients.

Imagine how this would please your clients and how successful your practice or Spa would become!

This workshop is a 90% practical one. We are also introducing the use of Derma-rollers to help with sagging skin problems – in the chin, abdomen, under-arms etc.
Come and join our Tutor, for a full day.

All health professionals and cosmeticians are welcome!

Places limited to 20, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Registration fee: 345,00 euros +23% VAT
(*for the whole seminar, 3days)
Friday: 17:00-20:00
Saturday: 9:00-20:00
Sunday: 9:00-12:00

Registration fee: 145,00 ευρώ +23% VAT
(*fee for each single seminar)

  • Course in Cosmetic Gua Sha: 
    Friday: 17:00-20:00
    Saturday:  9:00-13:00
  • Workshop on cosmetic cupping and use of derma roller for firming the skin:
    Saturday: 14:30-20:00
    Sunday: 9:00-12:00

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